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Nevada Concealed Carry Weapon Renewal

Saturday, Feb 17, 2024

10:00am – 3:00pm

Nevada Concealed Carry Weapon Renewal

This class meets and exceeds the training requirement for renewing your Nevada Concealed Weapon Permit.  In addition to resubmitting your application and fee for renewal you’ll show proof continued competency with your firearm. Our renewal takes care of qualifications you need to get your renewed permit.

Here is a list of the requirements:

A renewal applicant shall be required to take a refresher course through an approved instructor, to include the standards adopted by the Chiefs and Sheriffs.

The renewal applicant shall fill out the same application as a new applicant, including any new or updated information.

The Class will run from 10AM to 1200PM and then 1PM to 3PM the day of a regularly scheduled CCW class. You show up at the occurring CCW class for the legal portion of the class and then at the range for qualification after lunch. We will allow the Renewals to shoot first.

Will need handgun to qualify with. 50 rounds of ammo. Eye and ear protection.

Event Location

Carson Valley Community Center, Senior Center Conference Room
1329 Waterloo Lane
Gardnerville , Nevada, 89410

Event Fees

$ 50.00

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